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Get Psyched by Dr. Kyler Shumway


You have a story to share, and this book can help make it happen.  Get Psyched: The Therapist’s Guide to the Art and Business of Public Speaking is a comprehensive guide for integrating public speaking into your career in psychology.  Psychotherapists, counselors, researchers, and students alike can learn everything from identifying your topic to marketing yourself as a speaker.  Get Psyched can help you:

  • Choose a strong topic
  • Find and land speaking gigs
  • Develop a stellar presentation
  • Perform with confidence
  • Master the Q&A
  • Negotiate compensation for paid events
  • Avoid speaker burnout
  • …and more! 

My best bud, colleague, and marketing genius Dr. Daniel Wendler wrote Clicking with Clients to help therapists feel confident in marketing their practice online. If you want a practical guide to launching your website, attracting new clients and growing your practice through the web, this is your book.

Inside, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Build and design a website
  • Attract new clients through SEO, social media, and online advertising
  • Protect your privacy online
  • Self-publish a book to share your expertise
  • And more!

Other Resources

  • The Practice of the Practice  – An excellent resource for therapists looking to start and build a private practice.
  • Brighter Vision – Brighter Vision is a therapist and psychologist website design company that I’ve worked with for the past few years. Great group of folks with highly affordable pricing for web services.
  • Marketing For Therapists – Perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics of online marketing and sign up for services such as Google Adwords, SEO, and content writing.  

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