Find Your Mission, Build a Brand, Change the World

Coaching & Consultation

  • Keynote speaker at multiple national conferences
  • Hired by the American Psychological Association to speak about public speaking
  • Featured webinar lecturer and professor for The Great Courses and
  • Author of self-help book The Friendship Formula: How to Say Goodbye to Loneliness and Discover Deeper Connection
  • Author of Get Psyched: The Therapist’s Guide to the Art and Business of Public Speaking
  • SEO Content Director for and highly published online guest post writer
  • Served on multiple admissions and selection committees 
  • Team Coordinator for the Behavioral Health Crisis Consultation Team
  • GFU Graduate School of Clinical Psychology Student Government and founder of multiple SIGs
Why Choose Dr. Shumway?


How will consultation and coaching help?

Discover Your Mission

  • Find your “why,” your professional purpose
  • Choose wise goals that will further your life’s work
  • Learn practical steps for achieving what you want

Build Your Brand

  • Identify your “ideal client” or optimal customer
  • Revamp or redefine your professional persona
  • Establish a compelling – but congruent – online presence

Change the World

  • Realize potential for leadership and impact
  • Select specific opportunities for outreach
  • Publish your work through speaking and writing

Coaching and Consultation Services


One month of coaching and consultation.  We start with a one-hour phone consultation followed by weekly email coaching for one month.  

An excellent option for:

  • Developing a personal mission statement
  • Brainstorming a brand or book idea
  • Identifying opportunities for speaking


Three months of coaching and consultation.  One consultation call at the beginning of each month with weekly email coaching.  

Most effective for:

  • Designing a strategic online presence
  • Landing a low-mid tier speaking gig
  • Making major steps towards publication 


Three months of intensive coaching and consultation.  Once per week phone consultation calls (total of nine) with unlimited email coaching.

Perfect for:

  • Making rapid progress towards publishing goals 
  • Pursuing a major speaking gig 
  • Revamping your professional trajectory 

These packages are designed to help you achieve one specific outcome, and committing to one full month (or more) of connection gives you the best chance of making headway.  My job is to help you think bigger, overcome barriers, and forge your future.  We work to collaborate on your long-term, down-the-road goal as well as the specific stepping stones for making it happen.  KeynoteTherapist clients can also renew at the end of each time frame at a discount.

If you don’t want to commit to a full month, I also provide one-time consultation calls for $225.  

I also offer a 50% student discount for anyone actively enrolled in graduate school.

Coaching & Consultation

Thank you for your interest!  

If you have questions or would like clarification on any of the coaching and consultation packages for therapists and other mental health professionals, let’s get in touch.  Use the contact form below or email me at